Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas '08

Well time really flies by and can't say we were having too much fun. The holidays always seem so rushed. I am amazed at how simple of a holiday can become such tiresome task. The true meaning of Christmas is so easily lost.
So here's a quick wrap up of the month of December. After my great birthday, the kids and I put up Christmas lights and realized some of them didn't work. Then I decided I'd get to them asap. They're still the same and not all up nice and neat anymore. The warmth of the first weeks of December really threw us off. I didn't even want to turn the lights on after it snowed the first time, fearing a burnout of all. Not to mention you really wouldn't see anything below 16 inches of snow.
I decided to have a Christmas party for my church kids and my kids friends. WHAT A MESS! I definitely learned from my mistakes this time. I have to separate ages or else it becomes major ciaos. They all didn't seem to mind the party though. Afterall I'm supposely the coolest party host to ALL ages.
Then on to the gifts and goodies for friends, neighbors and family. I got the kids friends, most neighbors and 2 family members done. Not even close to normal. I didn't even make my famous truffles.
Kids were out for break and Tanner was with his dad for a week and a half. The girls had fun helping prep the house for Christmas. Scott worked nonstop plowing snow and had very little sleep. The house had to be sound proof when he was home "OR ELSE". So the kids would play with friends in the daytime at our house and late afternoon til whenever at their friends house.
I surprising haven't been too sick and fatigued. I've really watched out for over doing things and stressing. Maybe that is why all my to do list wasn't done this season.
After Christmas, Saturday the 27th, Tanner was baptized and after that we went with my family to eat and visit the lights at temple square.
Tanner struggled making the decision to be baptized at first but like always when he makes up his mind to do something it gets done no matter what. We almost didn't have the baptism on that Saturday because the stake center hadn't even been scheduled until Christmas evening. Talking about Christmas day, Scott worked that morning snow plowing for the second year in a row and was able to get off work in time to pick up Tanner from his dads'. My mother and father were spending Christmas with us at our house for the 1st time and things were moving forward as planned. Then around 1pm the power went off at my house. It was that way until around 7pm Christmas night. When all the family was together we started unwrapping presents. The sun was going down and we all were unwrapping as fast as we could, while trying to see what each received, taking a picture and hurrying before the night set in completely. Around 5pm it was too dark and cold that we all went to eat at a Chinese buffet. While in the buffet, it started snowing like crazy. It really didn't ease up at our house for sometime. Luckily the power was on when got home and we could all warm up in bed. Of course, Scott was called out to plow at 2am again and was gone until 7pm the next day. Then the morning of Tanner's baptism he was called in to work AGAIN!
He told his boss he had to leave at 10:30am so he could get to Tanner's baptism on time and his boss wasn't too happy!
Can you believe it? He had worked for 3 weeks with 1 day off including Christmas Eve, Day, Day after and then that Saturday and he was upset with having to let him go 4 hours early.

As for New Year's eve, we did what we always do. NOTHING! Knowing this I volunteered to babysit for my friend so she could go out. The 2 boys didn't even make it 1 hour here and were already sleeping. Their little, 3 years old, sister however beat all of us almost.
Tanner was at the neighbors spending the night, Christiana was with Vicki and Faith was here with us. She too fell asleep before midnight. No surprise there!
SO HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! And may all of your New Year's resolutions last longer than before. :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Walmart is ridiculous! So every year I shop blackfriday. I usually go online instead of freezing in line. Of course this year, most have heard of the employee that was stampeded and killed. I wouldn't doubt it. People are rude and crazy. I tried getting online to buy the items my kids wanted and did what Walmart said they'd do. Sell items online starting at 1am EST. So I tried buying at 11pm, my time, 12 am until 12:45am. Then slept until 4:30am. The site said it was under maintenance. At 5am I could log on but by 5:05am everything said sold out online. I tried getting any item on my list and then checked out with 1 item. But of course, it wouldn't let me check out and threw me back onto the 1st page. So at 5:45am I went to the store itself. I couldn't see any parking around the store or the vacant lot or the Ihop parking lot. So I asked someone walking out without anything how bad it was inside. And it happens it was terrible with no room to move and of course no items left. So I went to the next closest location but the same thing there. One and half to 2 hour lines to check out. So I came back home and tried to check out with the 1 item in my cart, once again. This time it was letting me check out but I decided to use a different card to pay with and by that time it said there wasn't anymore of that item left. SOLD OUT! So I emailed the customer service and they sent me the most lamest reply. I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience and your expectations weren't met. We try to improve our system all the time and hope you'll be able to check out easier next time.
Can you believe it? Well unfortunately I can now!
So I'm out of luck for the good deals and the presents my children want are only about 5% less than regular price, on sale now! Arrrgggghhhhhhhhh!

So other than that, Thanksgiving was great. Jana's family are always so nice and considerate. They really know how to make us feel welcomed and loved. THANKS Jana and Chris!
I was able to go out with a girlfriend of mine the other day. It's been 3 1/2 years to 4 years since I last went out with a friend. That's just too darn long and I really miss having girlfriends. I have a lot of nice acquaintances but no real friend around this area. But my friend that I speak to and watch her kids asked me out the other night. It was really funny, she called and asked me to ask my husband if she could take me on a date. Her family has a tradition each Thanksgiving time they go to the Desert Star playhouse and watch a play. I've been there once before but I have to say this time was GREAT! I think I need to go each Thanksgiving too. The comedy and acting was very enjoyable.
Then we went out to eat at Village Inn. Although it was the only restaurant still open around our house, it was delicious and service was great. The manager gave us so coupons to come back because we were such great customers!:) We talked for 3 hrs with the waiter and manager. Sometimes I wonder why I'm not like my old self when I was very social and loved to go out. I'm more boring now than I have ever been. I really need to get out and be involved in the community. My husband wondered why I came home so late but didn't complain. He goes out all the time.
I'm so thankful for God and our savior. This Christmas will be interesting to see how everyone responds to the economy crisis and the true meaning of Christmas. I think my children have already enjoyed the season. We've been decorating the house together and already started the cooking for goodies. I'm very pleased in how my children are. I love them to pieces. Later for now!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving time. I swear time is flying by way too fast. I still have the stress from last Christmas and to think there's more to come. :) Tanner's birthday was last Friday. He's 8! Now I know time flys because he was my little munchkin just yesterday. So he's decided to get baptized. It's planned for December 27th. I am excited for him, he's been wanting this for a long time. I'm also happy to see how his interest in the church is growing. It's hard when he doesn't always attend and makes a fuss when I tell him he has to go with me. His dad has been excommunicated and I haven't seen any discussion on his part.
For Thanksgiving, we'll be joining Janalyn at her house. Usually we have Scott's side to go to but everyone is out of town. So I called Jana and go figure it was only going to be their family. Now we can enjoy the time together and the kids will definitely be happy.
I don't have anything more to report at this time.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh today

Feeling BLUE! Nope. Just love this color and I'm feeling better. That cold definitely has hit our family. Still feel a bit yucky but need to get a job and clean up this house.
So as you can see, I must be back on my pills. Just a fraction but doing better. Hopefully my attitude will keep getting better and my focus more clear. I've already sent in another 5 applications for employment and have a interview on Wednesday. Not much else to report but I can say I'm not really looking forward to the holidays. I just can't grasp how the time flies by.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Still no sleep

No sleepingpony tonight, just sleepy. So I've been surfing the web and found a few cool things I'd like to share.

Same site that the best dad in the world was on is a video about Free hugs. I've posted the site on my page here. It's the freehugscampaign.org and I've research that it started in 2004 but I've just barely found out about it. It's still going on and am inviting everyone to join and get involved in some way. It won't hurt you. I was surprised to see how Utah has had No campaigning done here in happyland. :) You'd think with all the gay rights supporters someone would have wanted to hold a free hugs sign and give hugs out at least for one hour in 4 years. Gee, think what it would have been like if the movement happened before the olympics. Anyhow, everywhere around the world has had some luck but nothing in Utah that has been reported. So I'm gonna try. I need hugs, don't get many 'round here.

So I'm taking my sleepytime tea and going to bed. Promise. Leave a comment and make me feel special thanks.

what's with me saying been a long time

Just realized my titles are lame! It's 1:30am and I'm so tired. I don't think I mention that I'm so sick too. My head is foggy, nose stuffy and runny(how's that work anyways), eyes are teary, throat is soar and swollen, gut is bloated, etc.etc. Can't sleep well but can't stay awake well either. Hungry but food sounds gross. I think you all understand how I'm feeling. So I'm up still and talking nonsense.
Have you ever clicked on next blog when reading on one of your friends sites. Well I've been doing that and then going back to the origianl site. I didn't realize that it just randomly goes to any next blog. I was hoping to get back on a site I was was reading because it was touching to see how ordinary families deal with life. This one family had recently adopted a child from ethiopia and to see the difference in her in 6 months in the US was amazing. She was speaking english in 1st grade better than us children. The family was all white and she very black and the children in the family were spread out in age by at least 5 years each. Anyhow, the mother had commented on how it was exciting to have this little girl be a part of our nations history of President elect Obama and how she can see how she too can have hope for herself being a black child achieving much her in america. I thought at first that the mother was going to give some praise Obama speech because of the huge picture of him on her page but then when I read her post it seemed she may have been for someone other than Obama for president but has seen a positive side to him being president for her newly adopted daughter.
Anyhow, it's nice to be an outsider and sneak a peek into others lives without them knowing it. HEEHEE!

Beware though I've also seen some very unhappy sites too!

Here's something funny I realized I was saying to my little kitten. His name is Mouse because he's always looked like a mouse and the name fits him. Anyhow, when I'm on the computer he's always nearby watching my every move. He comes and steps on the keyboard and of course, when I'm typing, I have to erase his misstakes, but the funny thing he does is when I'm moving the mouse he attacks my hand.
So today I decided to tell him "Mouse, stop touching the mouse." Which was ironic because of the names. It sounded so funny, in my half mentally challenged way, that I introduced the two. "Mouse, I'd like to introduce you to Mouse and vice versa." NOW you can officially admit me to the looney ward, or funny farm or just tell me to go to bed.

I'm posting some new pics for everyone but don't have energy to give reference to them for now so bear with me. Talk to you soon. Or as I always say, "Been tooooooo long!"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Been 2 long

Sometimes life is just that way.
Are you really interested in what has gone on? Well lots. Lots. But mostly change. Lots of change and through change there's been many emotions. I can't tell you how much I love my Heavenly Father. Awww, God is so sneaky like that. He'll make you stronger if you let him but only if you recognize his hand in all things. I feel so bad for those that haven't realized his power in their life or even been introduced to him. I can only imagine the pain those that have no clue about the teachings of Jesus Christ must feel. I really believe that everyone of us know there is a god but may not know he really is our father.
What a difference that simple fact makes.
Before I get into why all this has come to surface in my life once again let me share with you a link I found on my sister's website that can put things into perspective......http://www.transformationteam.net/video/best_dad.php

This video and song really makes you think and if you'd like to read the story behind it, if you haven't already, you can look it up at http://www.weboflove.org/050917dadtrulycares

THANKS TRICIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're an inspiration to me and I love you so much for your great example.

Some of you may understand what depression and anxiety really is. I mean true physical depression that you can't control because your body doesn't supply the correct seratonin (happy juice) to your body to make you think correctly and not to be counterproductive to yourself(aka self destruct) Up until I was 24 I did not have answers to why I felt the way I did. I went to a doctor and he told me I was depressed and had anxiety. Well duh! I knew that but did I really need medication to help that. He said meds and counseling would help, but of course counseling was out of the question. It was hard enough being labeled "Crazy!" I cried for days. It took months to adjust to the right meds. Zoloft was my life saver. I don't take that lightly. It is my life saver. For many, it can have opposite affects and want them to kill themselves. As for me, if I have at least half the correct dose I can still survive but will suffer from anxiety and just sleep all day. To the point, I have to take 2 anti-depressants to sustain normality.
Our family has more than been struggling financially this year and in the last 2 months our insurance co pays have gone up. So one of my meds cost $80 a month and the other $10. So I got rid of the more expensive and didn't think it would hurt too much but I WAS WRONG! I still can't afford it but know that I need it. I also went off the 10 because the last time I filled it it was 30 and for some reason it's now back to 10. Anyhow, all my bills came tumbling down and my meds were gone. So I figured I'd have to somehow come up with $ for the power and insurance bills first. I asked for help from the bishop and was told that I really needed to be seen by the Dr. and to get back on my meds.
I knew this and wasn't exactly happy that he didn't offer to help pay for anything. Mad and frustrated about everything, not to mention confused, I asked myself "What is the lord trying to teach me?" Strange to think coming from the mind of a psychotic woman wanting to blow her head off at the same time. OF COURSE I WON'T! Like I said I know my symptoms and needs and have been there done that!
Well, the bishop wants Scott to be involved and work out things with me. Me too! But we both can't force him so I was back to square one. CONFUSED! Confusing to you too, well that's the summarization of my ordeal, call me if you want the ramblings on of the whole ordeal.
After multiple fights, arguments, etc. etc. Scott found the funds and we've paid the bills for now and I will receive my zoloft tomorrow. I won't be back to (normal) for at least a week or 2 but at least I won't be as emotional and psychotic.

What I have learned. Going through all of this I came online to pay the bills and to read family stuff and was overcome with love and guidance by the spirit.
Tricia's site had postings about marriage, which was nothing I hadn't already seen, but I actually read and was taught by the spirit why I had to go through this DISASTER!
Hardship can bring happiness.


Starting back where my last post was............

I have been looking for a job since the kids went back to school.....they were off track for 2 weeks prior to Halloween and then went back to school. I decided I'd work the elections and was asked to be a poll manager for my precinct. I didn't mind accepting but knew that I'm not the most reliable person, because of my illnesses. So I promised myself that I would make sure nothing else would get in the way of making everything be perfect for SUPER Tuesday. I would get paid the most of all the jobs and of course I could use the $.
Now that it's all done, I will never do that again unless I'm only volunteering because it isn't worth the pay. I could have worked a whole lot less and got paid a small amount less and been better off.
Okay so anyhow, after attending 2 training classes of at least 3 hours each, being available for picking up and dropping off supplies, set up before election day, calling poll workers under me, working with election headquarters to make sure everything was a-ok, performing duties, making sure everyone else was doing their duties correctly, being nice and making sure everyone was comfortable, happy, fed, etc etc etc, IT WENT GREAT! I had 3 hours sleep and was sick for 3 days after.

As for Halloween, I made Christiana's costume and spent multiple hours on it but it sure costs a lot less and looked a lot cuter. She was an evil fairy this year. Tanner was with his dad but was able to attend another ward party a few days earlier with us and his cousin. He was excited to be able to dress up in 3 different costumes this year. He was a pirate, ninja & ghoul. As for Faith she was a good fairy. Each year the girls are the opposite of the other year. So next year Faith will be something evil again and Christiana will be good. As for Tanner, it's always something new.
Our ward always has a trunk or treat following a dinner chili/soup cook-off for the adults to have some fun. I entered 2 things and won for both in different categories. That was cool. Next year, I don't think I'll stress myself with it.
I know I'm a good cook and no one needs to tell me!:)

As I stated last time, we had our mommy cat give birth to a liter of 5 and our dog killed 1. Well they've all grown up and we adopted one out. I miss him terribly. He was our favorite cuddlier and the 1st born. He's doing well and lives in Idaho with Scott's sisters' in laws. They have a large country farm-like home with horses, dogs and cats. I guess he's being spoiled and loves to play with the big dogs.
As for our other babies, no one wants them until they're a little larger because of the other cats in their houses. That scares me because the larger the cats get the less likely anyone will want to adopt them. And I won't want to give them away. The mommy cat got out one morning before a bad storm and we haven't seen her since. That's been 2 1/2 weeks ago. I've tried looking for her but nope!
So I now have 1 dog, 1 grumpy old cat, 3 kittens, 1hampster, 20 fish, 3 children, 1 husband and lots of messes to clean up after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay so I'm gonna take a break for now I'll be back.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wow it has been a long time.....

It has been more than a while.....considering that much has gone on and past, the quick scenario is best. Well after 6 weeks of suffering in pain and fatigue, I went to the doctor to get my steriods and antibiotics. Did it help? For the short duration of 2 weeks, now it's coming back.
I spent as much time with my children before school started this Monday. We went to the county fair 2 weeks ago and enjoyed it throughly. We've decided that next year we would like to enter into a few different competitions.
While we were there, we visited the animals. After seeing them and knowing they were going to the slaughter I just can't eat meat. I can eat fish though. I have fish of my own and have fell in love with a few but I don't feel for them as other animals. Hey, Jesus ate fish.
So Christiana and myself have started eating vegetarian food. I've tried 2 bites of meat since and spit it out. I can't stand the taste now either.
I've been feeling better a bit and not as full and bloated so that's good. I think my body has been detoxing. I have had severe headaches every day for a week. Nothing has relieved them either.
I guess we'll wait and see what my body does with my new eating habits.

As for the kids, Not much has happened to them. Our 24th wasn't all we had expected. We didn't make it to the parade but watched it all on tv. We weren't able to do fireworks but the kids and me went downtown and watched 2 different shows go off at the same time. They didn't really care for them so I told them next year we'd just do some at home. I was too tired through the day so the kids didn't go anywhere else. The tried a lemonade stand and I told them they wouldn't make much if any money because everyone was doing something other than driving. And of course an hour after sitting watching 2 cars go by they called it quits.
From then on they've listened to me as of when to do the stand and when not to.
It was cute though!
Christiana visited Vicki's but said it wasn't that fun because no one really played with her. Katie, Malcolm's kid, did however play with her and spent the night too. I explained to her that unfortunately the kids are too old and Vicki and Jerry aren't used to having a young child around anymore. She understood but I don't think it made her feel better. I can't believe Chad is going into college. I remember when he was maybe 6 and I would tease him and call him skunk. Veronica looks like a beautiful young adult. Although she's only 16. I think or maybe 15. Anyhow, I visited shortly with Amber and Krystal and saw there children. It's strange looking at them and realizing that they're all grown up too. Then I realize I'm not to far off in age from them either. What my older cousins must think of me.
Speaking about older cousins, I visited Colleen and Aunt Renee and Don where up visiting. That just sounds so weird. I did go to Aunt Renee's house right? :) She told me this isn't my home anymore so they can do whatever they want to it. I would have to agree since Colleen has definitely done some changes to it and is still in the works of more. You'll have to see it!
Anyhow she was due in 2 weeks but looked great. She's been on a diabetic diet and lost 20 lbs already. (or was it 40) Anyhow, she's been feeling so good she's decided to keep on it. Her siblings and her have a goal to run some triatholon next year and are all working hard to do it.

My garden is flourishing so much I have to prune my tomatoes again. They're huge plants and keep tipping over. I can't work the stakes into the ground anymore and they just can't keep up because they're so top heavy. Not to mention I'm not getting enough fruit as I am foliar.
I plan to look into schooling as a master gardener. I LOVE Gardening and learning more and more about different soils, plant species, insects and diseases. I was always good in school with biology. Since I can't work in the medical field as I had planned, because I'll be putting myself at risk with my health, I might just swing it another way.
Well that's a whole other story.

So back to the kids are in school now. That doesn't include Faith until next Monday. She did however meet with her teacher and do her assessment. I had to laugh at how cute she is. I love her to pieces and I think her teacher will to.

Well that's good enough for now. Talk more later.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

been a long time

So I've been slacken. That's allowed right. I did tell you I'd write every day, week or month. So It's been a few weeks. Well I have a lot of excuses to share.
First, I haven't been feeling well at all. My erythema nodoseum has flared. Meaning my crohns and fibromyalgia have flared too. Lots of fatigue and pain.
On top of that, I had to prepare for my family reunion at the end of last month. Tanner was originally going with his dad to his side of the family's reunion. On their way to see his dad's girlfriend in the hospital, she'd been in a car accident, they themselves were in an accident. Their's was minor compared to hers. Tanner's side of the car was were they were side swiped and Tanner's neck was hurting. So they too went to the hospital. Anyhow, long story short he ended up being able to go with me to my family reunion. He had wanted to all along anyways.
We finally started out on our supposedly 4-5 hour trip and ended up getting there around 2 am. Making our trip 6 1/2 - 7 hours long. Not so fun with tired kids, car sick dad and grumpy lost me. We were driving at night and didn't see the sign correctly to guide us to the correct highway. So we went through the windy woods hitting almost every 40+ deer on the road. Alright so we saw most of them and only 2 were in the road. The bird just happened to run into us, dying of course. The rabbit aka cat ran towards us and apparently didn't clear us before sticking his head up. He died of course. The porcipine just happened to live because we scared him up the hill before the other car could hit him. Aren't we so nice to let one live? And we didn't die either. Thank goodness. When we figured out that we made the wrong turn aka highway we got back on track and were there well in slow time. That road was an hour and half out of the way.
The moral of the story, leave when you planned to and help out mom. :)
The reunion went way to quick. I feel as though I never see my family and to be tired and not well doesn't make it easier being with them.
I didn't even hug most of my family good bye. You could say cry me a river but really it's more like a dam. I swear my tears never end.
Sleepy dad wasn't a happy camper either and we didn't get along well on the way back.
Speaking of camping. After one fast vacation, I was told that we would be getting ready for another one. Which I wasn't prepared for and definitely wasn't looking forward to. So after 2 days of chaos and one big fight. I stayed home while the girls and dad went camping for the 4th of July. Good thing because my owwies got worse. Tanner was with his dad for the holiday. Making me alone for 3 days.
CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!? Once again alone. I was actually pretty bored and lonely. I cleaned the house up and took care of the garden and our 2 cats. That was it. Sat in bed, watched tv and slept. The cats were finally getting along and relaxed. Our dog, Chloe, went camping too. Which she enjoyed and apparently all sleepy dad's family have come to love her and much as we do. Even the dog, Comet, that hates all other dogs.
They enjoyed camping so much and didn't want to go but new mom probably wanted them home.
Well as of this week, still aching and fatigued. Kids are just having fun not going to school and NOT doing their chores. (They know Mom's too tired to force them) Our only fish died. Finally. Now I can get rid of that ugly tank. The beet harvest went well and I rather enjoyed eating sweet beets for once. The brocolli started to flower because of the heat and went bitter. So that stunk. The radishes weren't large but I expected most to not grow to far since I used them to open up the dirt for my cabbage. Now I look forward to reseeding my carrots and lettuce for the fall.
I also have had 6 sweet peas develop this late in the season. I've been more than happy with that. My corn is thriving and was knee high by the 4th of July.
Talking about the 4th, I neglected to mention what I was doing. Vaccuuming and shampooing the carpets and watching the fireworks from the kids windows. I called Tanner to feel like someone was with me but he was still watching the fireworks. He did however tell me he didn't like them because I wasn't there with him. He says the sweetest things to make his mommy happy. I love that boy.
Well that's all for now. Hope your vacations are as memorable as mine.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

fire! Fire! FIRE!!

So what's this about a fire? Well it isn't as bad as it sounds. Well it's not ever good when a fire is around unless you're camping. So Dad decided he'd burn some wood and junk from around the backyard in the backyard. He's done it before but I, of course, didn't think it was too smart. We have dried brush in the backyard and he didn't wet it down. Somehow the wind blew a flame and the weeds caught on fire and the wood fence. It warped the neighbors vinyl fence. We'll have to replace it. Only a small portion but not good at all. I'm actually pretty ticked off because I've told him before that it wasn't safe. Anyhow lucky the neighbor girl saw it and told us and another neighbor sprayed it on one side.
Today has been hot and I have done more gardening. Dad fixed the fence and mowed the lawn. Other than that nothin' much happened today. Looking forward to seeing my family at the family reunion. Talk tomorrow.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Two days of nut-in

So I didn't write yesterday, I didn't get online either. The day was pretty normal. Working in the garden, got a sunburn on my shoulders. Couldn't find the sunscreen. After that I didn't do anything. I wasn't feeling too cool just hot. :)
Today, the day went by way too fast. I did however go out to eat with my hubbie. Applebees does have some good food. We had to hurry because sleeping dad's parents had to go somewhere. After we ate we went up to the Draper templesite. It's beautiful but it does remind me of the Mt Timp temple. We went swimming at the parents house. That wasn't too refreshing just cold. I'll be writing more tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long day....still going

I went to training for the elections today. Nothing I didn't already hear about the last training. Then went to Walmart and got an oil change and bought some plants that I, of course, shouldn't have spent money on. I'm addicted to gardening. I even offered to do the neighbors yard if he got the tiller and paid for the grass seed. He works at an equipment rental place. I just want my house to look good and his property is all nasty with weeds. It's pretty run down. I was watching the WE channel and they had a show based in Florida called the ugliest house on the block. The neighbors help clean up and plant, build, paint, etc to make the property nice. That's what this neighbor needs.
Faith enjoyed playing with her friend while I went to training. She went to the free movie at the theater near us. She watched Toy Story. I took a nap and worked on the yard. Weed killing more like. That's about it.
Visiting teachers came too. Can't forget them. :) Talk to you tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

very tired

So today I've been very tired. I woke up okay but just couldn't stay awake. I wonder at times if I'm just lazy or depressed but I can't say for sure. Since my muscles are so tense and fatigued, I don't think its the former two. I hate it when I'm exhausted feeling. I feel so incompetent, worthless and really boring. I try not to beat myself up for it but sometimes the negative side is too overwhelming.
Tanner stayed home from school, although he really should have gone for at least half the day. I wasn't awake enough to take him or even care. His allergies are terrible this year. He woke up with red, swollen, itchy eyes. I gave him his claritin and it cleared up early afternoon.
Christiana went to school and nothing new happened there. Faith has been floating back and forth between Tanner and me. Of course, I was sleeping so I wasn't much fun for her. She has been doing some learning on the computer.
Anyhow, it's been hot here but nothing compared to my family in vegas or gilbert. Well that's about it. Tomorrow I'll be training for another election position but that's only one day of work. Better than nothing. Love all of you.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Okay, so yesterday I didn't get on the computer. I'm sure you already know why. OUr day went like this, got up 20 minutes before church started. The family got ready fast but we still were 15 minutes late. The girls sang to Scott, more like Christiana and Faith just lead the music, with a dirty look. Then After church, made lunch for Scott and kids, took nap, woke up and made dinner. The 2 oldest did Dad a favor and went to bed without any questions or even a peep.
Tanner came home at 7pm and told us his day was boring
. He told me, "I had to go to church and sing a stupid song for my dad but I didn't even know it so I just said blah blah blah" Quote. He doesn't go to church with his dad too often so of course he wouldn't know the song.
The girls made their dad a candy sack and gave him an assortment of other homemade items. We have been too tight with money so we decided for Mother's day and Father's day just to get a card and have a nice dinner. I didn't expect a good dinner for Mother's day, just some peace and quiet. Which for the 1st year I did get.
Scott enjoyed his dinner but it sure didn't beat his usual Crab dinner of course.
Other than that our day wasn't anything more exciting.

So far today, I woke up to get the kids to school and Christiana gave me a quick karate chop massage. It actually helped a lot. She's promised to do it each morning as long as she can get up and have the time. ( Wouldn't that be nice) Read Tanner and Faith a book and took the kids to school. I've water the garden and I'm planning to plant my 2nd harvest today. The heat has helped the plants bloom much quicker. Thank goodness. The cold weather wasn't helping. I have broccoli growing, yippee. The Cabbage are getting big enough that they should be blooming soon too. My rhubarb is getting huge. The blueberries have given Tanner and Faith a sweet taste and one strawberry. Carrots are sprouting along with my swiss chard and beets. The lettuce is doing well too. The pumpkins aren't flourishing like they were but the beans and peas are taking over, I think. The corn isn't doing too well. Potatoes are thriving, along with the tomato plants. The peppers need some heat. I have lots more but nothing growing too well as for those. Mostly because their summer crops. Well I'm gonna go for now. Have a good day. Love all of you.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

today wasn't long enough

So Faith enjoyed her first sleep over. She was so cute, she came in at 10:30am and said to me, "So mom did you have a beautiful sleep?" It was so adorable. She wants everyone to know that she slept in her friends bed together and kept bonking heads.
So it's 8pm and it's still Faith and me. I've been too tired to do everything on my list and for once this month it's been hot. A whole 93 degrees. But when yesterday was 79 and the day before was 67, it's quite a difference. Not to mention the rainfall the last few weeks. It even snowed in the mountains and in Beaver and up north in Garden city. I had to cover my crops so they would freeze 4 days ago. Thank goodness I did because it rained like crazy and was freezing cold. Well I went grocery shopping to get Scott's father's day meal. He'll be having steak, shrimp, salad, baked potato, apple pie or rootbeer float. I told his family I didn't want to go to there Father's day party. I'm kind of tired of going out there and rushing to get Tanner at 7 and back home to get the kids ready for school the next morning. Not to mention, its just exhausting.
I've worked a bit on my lawn and garden, vacuumed after the dog's mess, not excluding feces, of course, but I really was meaning his normal ruining of my plants because I wouldn't let him outside. I took a nap and haven't done much more.
The day goes by too quick.
Talk to ya later

Friday, June 13, 2008

Okay, so I've put up old pics and tried to make this page presentable. Now I best find some friends and family to visit it. Hmmmm, that may be a challenge. Don't really have any? Email addresses, duh, to send info about this site. How rude some people can be, gee. I guess I'm just talking to myself, better yet typing to myself so I best get to it.

Oh yeah, I might want to share what's going on in my life right now.
Well I'm home alone. Yes you heard it! Alone! Besides the animals, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 fish and 1 hamster, I'm absolutely, positively, 100% homefree!
It all started with Tanner visiting his dad for Father's Day, then Scott and his dad going fishing for a Father's day outing. They're camping with friends and gpa Barlow. Then Christiana was invited to a Birthday Slumber party with her cousin, Heather. So Faith and I were really excited to have the home all to ourselves. The phone rang in the morning from her bestfriend, neighbor, Braeda, who asked if Faith could spend the night. It's Faith's 1st real spend the night. I told Faith not to worry about me, I'd be just fine!!!!!! Yippee! It felt more like Mother's day weekend then Father's day. One more time, just for the fun of it. (But with color) YIPPEEEEEEE!! So I was visiting my neighbors blog to see Faith and Braeda having fun and decided I really should get WITH it. I love the color change.

So far, I've had a slice of pizza, watched a movie, feed the animals, picked up a few things and have been sitting here ever since.
In other words, I'm outta here.
Talk to ya'll LATER!
Welcome to the home of Sleepypony! That's what the youngest calls me. Her name is Faith, 5. The 2 other cuties are Oldest, Christiana, 9, and middle child is Tanner, 7. We live in Utah and yes we're morons, I mean mormons. I prefer, LDS. I am a whopping 31, I think, I'll have to ask Christiana. She keeps me straight. Married, yes, second marriage but much better than the first. Apparently! We'll call him Sleepydad!
So I'm new to this Blogging thing and hope to get this going so my family can see my daily, weekly or even monthly news. We'll see how it goes.